Plan Your Pool

Planning your pool is a very important process for you and your family. As with any investment, it must be planned with care and input from an experienced advisor. Let us help you formulate a plan which reflects your needs while considering the practical realities of space and site requirements, safety and cost. We will walk you through the entire process.

Getting Started

When planning your Backyard Retreat, there are many things to consider.

  • How will it look?
  • Can we choose any shape or size?
  • How much deck will we want?
  • What options should we consider?
Begin by examining the wants and needs of you and your family.

This initial step will help determine the type of pool and spa to best fit your individual lifestyle.

Building Your Beauty Pool
Important Information for the Home Owner

Suppose I Change My Mind About Something?
Hey, it’s your backyard paradise! If you’d like to make a change in the layout or design of your Beauty Pool – just call your sales representative.

Layout and Site Prep
We’ll set-up an appointment with you to determine where your swimming pool’s exact location should be.


    (1 to 2 days)
      Everything is in motion now. On excavation day, our trucks will take as many as 30 trips to remove all of the dirt.
1 to 3 days)
      You can begin to see your Beauty Pool start to take shape! Our steel crew places and ties the steel to form a steel rod ‘basket’. Along with this operation, the skimmer, main drains, piping, and equipment pad will be completed as well.
     (1-2 days)
      Gunite is a dense concrete that’s stronger than typical poured concrete. When the gunite process is complete, the pool "shell" is in place and the bulk of the work on your project is finished.
      Ready to get all decked out? The deck foreman will set up an appointment to review your deck layout. Options may include changes in configuration or enlargement of the deck. But you need to select your Kool Deck colors if you have not already done so.
     (2 to 3 days)
      Weather permitting, our tile crew will install the tile at the pool perimeter waterline. Also, at this time work may begin on: spa tiling, flagstone, sheer descents or waterfalls.
     (1 to 2 days)
      We’re getting closer to completion now! You’ll be seeing our electricians and plumber stop by to install your pump, filter and heater.
     (1 day)
      Time to rock and roll! We’ll place crushed stone around the pool to create a base for your pool deck.
     (2 days)
      Your deck design has been determined. On the day of the set-up, our crew arrives to: form, stone, and tamp your deck area. Your deck may be poured on this day or the following day, weather permitting.
     (1 to 2 days)
      If necessary, our electrician will come out to complete the actual wiring of your pool light, heater, filtration equipment, and control panel (if purchased).
     (1 day)
    White Marcite or 3M Colorquartz are extremely rich mixtures of cement and white marble fine sand. They are sprayed and troweled to create a smooth finish on your pool walls and floor. Marcite or 3M Colorquartz can be applied weather permitting.
Filling the Pool  
     (1 to 2 days)
It’s almost party time! Immediately after finishing your pool with Marcite or 3M Colorquartz, our crew will begin filling the pool using your garden hose and water spigot. Do not turn the water off until the level is approximately halfway up the ceramic tile. The amount of time taken to fill your pool will vary due to the size of the pool and the water pressure in your area. If you are on a well and are having water delivered, arrangements should be made prior to this day.
When the water level in the pool has reached halfway up the tile, shut it off and phone our office. An appointment will be arranged with our new pool representative. He’ll make sure that all equipment is properly installed and operating correctly. Plus, you’ll receive your Beauty Pools Manual covering operating and maintenance instructions.

Final Step in the Procedure
Enjoy your sensational new Beauty Pool!