There Is Only One NATURE STONE Flooring

NATURE STONE flooring is an unequaled blend of natural stone and specially formulated epoxy that is expertly hand troweled to create a seamless, slip-resistant floor covering surface. The result is a showroom quality floor. Our topcoat adds a shiny, diamond-like finish, which enhances the beauty and color of natural stone that will last for a lifetime.

NATURE STONE flooring can be designed using hundreds of combinations of attractive aggregate stone colors combined with a durable epoxy mixture to provide a diamond-like finish that enhances the beauty and color of the stones.

NATURE STONE floor designs are only limited by your imagination. Designs can include intricate borders, complex patterns, multiple colors, various types of stone aggregates, and a variety of inlays such as corporate logos or your favorite sports team.

And Beauty Pools is the ONLY NATURE STONE Dealer in Western New York!
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